PCA Choice is designed for individuals who want more independence in managing                    

their personal cares. The consumer is responsible for all aspects of supervising

their PCAís while Independent Lifestyles acts as the fiscal intermediary and employer.

Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) provide services to people who need support with

activities of daily living and health-related functions. PCA services may be provided

through hands-on assistance, supervision, redirection and intervention for behavior including

observation and monitoring. PCA Choice is a flexible service that means you can have a

PCA providing the assistance when you need it.



o Services without an assessment and service plan completed by the county and Prior Authorization from commissioner or commissionerís designee

o Services not specified in Service Plan

o Household, chore or homemaker services not as an integral part of PCA services

o Services provided by unauthorized individuals

o Services in the PCAís Home, unless the Consumer lives with the PCA

o Transportation of consumers

o Generic parenting, skills training, teaching

o Mentoring

o Educational training or support

o Vocational or recreational skills training

o Respite care

o Providing or supporting ILS

o Daycare, babysitting, or homework

o Set up or administration of Consumer medication

o Services provided by the recipientís spouse, paid legal guardian, parent, or stepparent (for a consumer under the age of 18), provider owned/operated housing, or responsible party

o Use of restraints (instead use positive interventions)

o IADLís for consumers under the age of 18, except when immediate attention is needed for health or hygiene reasons integral to the PCA services and the need is listed in the service plan by the assessor

o Services in place of other staffing options in a residential or child care setting

o Sterile procedures

o Injections of fluids and medications into veins, muscles, or skin

o Assessments for PCA Services by PCA provider agencies or independently enrolled RNís

For More Information Contact:

Gena Diederich, PCA Choice Program Coordinator